Solar Natural Dye Kit

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It's a bit of magic in a jar!!  Watch the colors come to life as they soak up the sun and develop before your eyes! 

Your kit includes one pre-mordanted skein of100% US Merino Wool (100g/358 yards & fingering weight, locally spun), natural dye materials, and instructions.  All you will need to add is water.

Dyes included - Cochineal (Pinks), and homegrown Marigolds (Yellows), Coreopsis (Oranges), & Hopi Black Sunflower Seed (purple/grey)

Just put everything in your own quart jar and follow along with the included instructions.  

Lots of fun for Kids and Adults, classes and demonstrations!

Pink and yellow skein of yarn in the photos is not included in the purchase.  It is an example of a solar dyed yarn.  This specific skein was dyed with cochineal, coreopsis, and marigolds.