Solar Natural Dye Kit

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It's a bit of magic in a jar!!  Watch the colors come to life as they soak up the sun and develop before your eyes! 

Your kit includes one pre-mordanted skein of 70% Extra fine Merino Wool, 20% Royal Alpaca, and 10% Mulberry Silk (100g/437 yards & fingering weight) & 3 Natural Dyes.  Just put everything in your own quart jar and follow along with the included instructions.  

Please let me know which 3 of the following plants you would like included in your kit.  Leave me a note at check out. (The colors listed are a general idea of how the dyes will turn out.  It will also depend on the content and quality of your water at home.)

Marigold petals (deep Yellow/orange)
Onion skins (bright Yellow/orange)
Dyer’s Coreopsis flowers (orange/peach)
Nettle leaves (pale yellow)
Black Walnut hulls (golden brown)
Cochineal bugs (pink/fuchsia) 
Hibiscus flowers (pale pinks)
Elder berries (taupe/pink)
Avocado pits (antique pink)
Hollyhock flowers (pale green/blue)

Lots of fun for Kids and Adults, classes and demonstrations!

Pink and yellow skein of yarn in the photos is not included in the purchase.  It is an example of a solar dyed yarn.  This specific skein was dyed with cochineal, coreopsis, and marigolds.