Classes & Workshops

Ecoprinting Class at Bradford Camps, MaineAsheville Ecoprinting class

Past Summer Gatherings 2023:

Ecoprinting Silk

Ecoprinting with Iron and Tannins

Ecoprinted Pillow Cases and Crafting Teas for Sleep

Indigo Exploration

Ecoprinted Paper

Natural Ink Making

Virtual Classes:

Fireside Chats Series - Covering a range of topics that I have taught or written about over the past 25 years, including herbal medicine, natural dyeing, homesteading, and more.

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A sampling of classes taught:

  • Natural Dyeing 101
  • Herbs for Food, Medicine, Dye, & Fiber!
  • Primary & Secondary colors from 3 plants
  • Prints & Pens – Eco printing paper, naturally dyed ink, & hand crafted Quills
  • Eco printing – on Silk, Sock Blanks, Cotton, Wool and many other mediums
  • Dyeing with Indigo – fresh, salt, ice, prepared vats
  • and many more
Indigo Dyed Cloths