Knitting Patterns

A woman bends down in a dark pine forest where she is gathering herbs.  She is wearing a deep red knitting cloak and is reaching up to remove the hood.A young woman stands still in contemplation.  She is wrapped in a circular knitted shawl of many muted colorsa red triangular knitted shawl is tossed into the wind.  The sky behind is grey and clouded.

These and my other knitting patterns can be found on Etsyon Ravelry

A photo of two feet clad in knitting socks.  The socks are grey with a color work pattern in black, yellow, white, and blue knit into the foot and ankle of the socks.a woman stands in front of a green field.  She is wearing blue jeans and a dusty rose pink knitting poncho.
A photo of 3 sets of feet, small, medium and large.  They all wear knitting socks in different colors with a white design at the ankle.Two people embrace in front of a stack of firewood.  They are wearing knitted hats with a cable design on the front and fluffy pom poms on the back.
A shawl is laid out on a fence railing.  The shawl is knitted from six different neutral colors.