Heart Elixir - 1oz

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Crafted under the shadow skies of a solar eclipse for strength and protection of the heart, both physical and energetic.  For lightness, clarity, and truth from the heart.

This blend supports the circulatory system.  Research shows many of these herbs can  strengthen the blood vessels and help to regulate blood pressure & cholesterol levels.  When the blood flows more smoothly, everything is healthier.  These herbs are also used by many herbal practitioners to support the emotional heart. From processing grief and heart ache, to opening the heart to love of others as well as of the self, to lightening a heart that feels a heavy load.  These plants give of themselves so that we can feel connected, part of the whole.

One ounce dropper bottle - made with Hawthorn berries and leaf*, Rosehips*, Ginger root, Cinnamon, Linden flower^, Lemon zest, Hibiscus*, Saffron*, Brandy, & local Honey.  

* Harvested from my gardens, ^ Harvested from a friend's gardens in Granada, Spain.