Elder Syrup

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A traditional Elder Syrup crafted from  Elderberries, Ginger root, Orange peel, Hibiscus calyx, Echinacea root, Lime Juice, Honey, & Cane Alcohol.

This mix of herbs is packed with antioxidants & vitamins.  It is great for immune support and to lesson the symptoms of cold and flu.

Elder is best taken at the first signs or illness, or if you know you have been exposed.  

Suggested use: 1/2 tsp. twice daily


*What is the difference between the Elder Elixir and the Elder Syrup?  The Syrup has a bit less alcohol, more honey, and is taken in a larger dose 1/2 - 1 tsp.  The Elixir has Licorice and Angelica for more respiratory support if that is an area of weakness for you, and is taken by the dropper-full.