Amari di Nonna herbal bitters

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My great-grandmother was especially known for her Italian Bitters. Supportive to the digestive system, and thus beneficial for the liver, skin, and immunity, Nonna would encourage her family to take them often!  In honor of my great-grandmother, this creation is made with traditional Italian herbs, and Cocoa! Amari di Nonna, Grandma’s Bitters, can be taken on their own, but I enjoy them best as an Aperitivo - 1-2 droppers in 4-6 oz sparkling water before a meal.

4 oz. of herbal bitters made with:  Turkey Rhubarb root, Dandelion root , Cocoa nibs, Angelica root, Orange peel, Fennel seed, Rue leaf & flower, Saffron threads, Cane Alcohol, and Honey