Indigo Exploration Day, July 13

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Saturday, July 13, 10 AM - 2 PM

Come out and experience indigo in its many forms!  From our Indigofera Tinctoria vats we will use ties, marbles, ropes, and other resists to create elaborate deep blue designs on cotton cloths.  We will also meet Persicaria Tinctoria, or Japanese Indigo, and harvest the fresh leaves to investigate what happens when you massage the leaves and salt into silk (so much fun!)  We will nibble on a bit of the fresh leaf and sip on roasted indigo tea while we have seasonal snacks.  Along with your cotton cloths and silks, you can take a few clippings of fresh indigo with you to grow at home.

You are also welcome to bring a small cotton or silk cloth of your own for the indigo vat (no larger than a t-shirt).

What should you bring? 

  • Clothes that can get messy &/or an apron
  • Closed-toe shoes if you want to walk in the woods
  • I will have herbal tea and light snacks (gluten and dairy free), but you are welcome to bring a snack/lunch if you prefer.  Clean, cold well water is available.
  • Sun hat & sunscreen (though shade will be available)

No experience necessary, just the desire to learn and have fun.

Cost - How do I choose?

Tier 1 is for members of the community who currently need more financial support as taking this class would be a hardship. 

Tier 2 is for those who have little expendable income but taking this class would not create hardship.

Tier 3 is the actual cost of the course.  

Tier 4 is the Pay-It-Forward tier.  It is the cost of the course plus a bit extra that goes to supporting the low cost classes of your fellow community members.

Our land is in Leicester, NC ~10 miles NW of downtown Asheville.

Cancellation Policy- We require 72 hours notice via email in order to issue any class fee refunds, transfers, or credits.