Crafting Flower Essences with Nicholene Solomon, July 16

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Sunday, July 16, 10 AM - 1 PM

Come explore the magic of crafting Flower Essence Medicine in the beautiful summer gardens with nurse, herbalist, and sacred weaver Nicholene Solomon.  Learn how to connect with a plant and create your own essence to use in your daily life and add to your medicine cabinet.

Flower essences are subtle, yet powerful energetic medicines which can have a shift on the emotional and physical body. Water holds the energetic imprint of the flower, which is captured by sunlight and preserved with brandy. This creates a medicine carrying the vibrational & spiritual energy of the flower.

We will gather to talk about the healing effects of flower essences and how to connect with a plant.  Then, spend time connecting with a plant to create your essence.  We'll come back together for lunch while the sunlight, plants, and water create the alchemy of the flower essence. Take time to explore the summer gardens and forests!  After lunch, we'll bottle our essences with brandy and label them, talk about our essence, and share with friends if desired!

Two Amber bottles will be provided for your essences, but additional amber bottles will be available for a small fee.  Flower essence resource and plant identification books will be available to peruse while you enjoy sipping on fresh tea from the garden.

Nicholene is a RN Herbalist working with women, natural medicine, and womb care for over 20 years. She is passionate about weaving herbal wisdom & fiber arts with earth centered healing traditions. Incorporating bee medicine, ancestral healing, womb massage, plant spirit healing, reiki, flower essences, and herbs.

Please bring-

  • Comfortable clothes, and closed toed shoes if want to walk in forest
  • Lunch/snacks
  • Sunhat and sunscreen
  • Journal or notepad to take notes

Cost - How do I choose?

Tier 1 is for members of the community who currently need more financial support as taking this class would be a hardship. 

Tier 2 is for those who have little expendable income but taking this class would not create hardship.

Tier 3 is the actual cost of the course.  

Tier 4 is the Pay-It-Forward tier.  It is the cost of the course plus a bit extra that goes to supporting the low cost classes of your fellow community members.

Our land is in Leicester, NC ~10 miles NW of downtown Asheville.

Cancellation Policy- We require 72 hours notice via email in order to issue any class fee refunds, transfers, or credits.